ProdigyConnect contains an entire array of tools to help make the lives of faculty members easier.  You can create custom study blueprints and follow the students' progress with the automatically generated quizzes,  assign any of our dozens of pre-made board simulations to your students or create your own exams using our library of over 4100 question, analyze the results in the ScoreLab, and even compare a student, a class, or your entire program anonymously to the rest of the schools in the system in the faculty dashboard.

You are able to quickly identify students at risk for first-time failure, drill down into their performance to find out where they are weak, and even generate assignments based on their performance using our automated remediation system.

When ProdigyConnect is a required component of your curriculum, your students get it at a 30% discount and up to 8 faculty members get access to the program absolutely free.

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