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Prodigy Anesthesia provides the most comprehensive set of tools to enable students to prepare for classroom exams and boards.  more info

What Does It Include?
CRNAs have access to every resource in ProdigyConnect.  From CEs in the MasterClass to practice exams to study materials, games, and more.  It's all available to you.  

How Many CEs Are Included?
Currently, ProdigyConnect contains 82 AANA-approved, Class A CEs and 21 pharmacology CEs, but every module we create is added to your subscription at no additional charge. .We won't stop making them until we reach 100 credits!  Why?  Because we are CRNAs, too.  We are creating this system so we never have spend another vacation day in a classroom.

How Long Does It Last?

Your ProdigyConnect subscription lasts for 48 months--same as the NBCRNA recertification cycle.  Want more time?  Just buy another subscription and we'll add another four years to your subscription (that comes in handy if you get a group discount or have a coupon).

Do the CEs Require an Exam?
Yep.  The AANA requires that all computer-based class A CEs have an exam.  However, ours are open book.  If you can't remember the answer to a question, there's a Review button beside the question you can click.  It will popup the resource from which the question was derived so you can quickly review the material, answer the question correctly, and move on.

Do You Submit My CEs to the AANA For Me?
Yes.  If you enter your AANA number in your user settings, we'll upload them for you.  We upload CEs to the AANA every single day, so if you are in a pinch, we will get them reported faster than anybody.  Alternatively, you can print out the certificates from your computer and submit them yourself.

Have a Different Question?
No sweat!  Just reach out to us here and we'll be happy to answer them!

Faculty Tools

Create study blueprints from our materials, create exams from our questions, and identify students at risk for failure before they reach boards. more info

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Earning your CEs has never been

easier.  Earn 92 Class A, AANA-approved CEs from any device.  All our CEs are OPEN BOOK!  more info