What Is It?
Tutoring services are designed to help you master boards or gain control of your nurse anesthesia program studies.  If you feel you are a poor test taker, need help organizing your study methods, or just need a little extra help so you can master anesthesia and take control of your career, then this is for you.

What Should I Expect?
"I finally passed the NCE exam, becoming a CRNA, after several attempts and not being successful.  My greatest challenge was balancing work and study and taming my testing anxiety. After being referred to LTC Peter Strube, through his guidance, I knew that I needed to devote a full-time study schedule with meditation in order to be successful. LTC Strube set up a study plan/schedule that worked best for me. His guidance, knowledge, and positive support is what helped me get through the challenges of retaining the material, learning how to answer the questions, all while providing positive reinforcement. I would not have been successful in passing this exam without him! He is an outstanding tutor and I would highly recommend him. Don’t bother trying to accomplish this difficult task alone. With LTC Strube’s help, you can and will be successful!" Kellie Mann, CRNA 

How Much Does It Cost?
The price varies depending on how much help you want.  Click here to view the pricing arrangements.

Is This Part of ProdigyConnect?
The tutoring services are not included with ProdigyConnect.  They are a separate third-party service that uses the ProdigyConnect software to design a custom curriculum geared to get you back on your feet, restore your confidence, and make sure you are armed with the tools you need to become a successful CRNA.

Who Is My Tutor?
Your personal coach and tutor is Peter Strube, CRNA, DNAP.  Academically, Dr. Strube serves as an Assistant Professor in the Department of Nurse Anesthesia, College of Health Professions, at Rosalind Franklin University, and is a professional mentor for doctoral students. He is also an Associate Professor at Saint Mary’s University, Saint Paul, MN and Associate Academic Faculty, University of Wisconsin, Oshkosh where he is the course director for the Doctoral Anesthesia Pharmacology Program. Clinically, Dr. Strube is employed full time providing anesthesia as a senior CRNA at a large academic medical center.

Dr. Strube has authored several professional articles and training programs and speaks professionally both nationally and internationally. He is both an editor and reviewer for professional anesthesia journals and edits research papers.

How Do I Get Started With Tutoring?
Just send us a note through our contact page to let us know you're interested and Dr. Strube will follow up with you.


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