ProdigyConnect offers 48 months of access to the most powerful nurse anesthesia board review and course exam prep tool available.  Student features include:

Exam Simulator
22 Complete 100-Question Exams
A 240-Question SEE Simulation

Create exams based on textbook and chapter*

Create your own custom exams
Take exams by major topics such as cardiac, neuro, etc

Take exams by specific NBCRNA topic such as bronchitis, hemophilia, mastectomy, etc.
Take your exams using an exact replica of the Pearson VUE simulator

Your faculty can assign up to four more complete board simulations

Movie: Taking Practice Exams     View the Exam Simulator

Comprehensive Study Library

You have instant access to thousands of review questions and hundreds of articles, worksheets, and workbooks.

Movie: The Prodigy Library

Study Plan Creator
ProdigyConnect can design a course of study for you based on dates you enter.  It even automatically creates weekly quizzes so you can check your understanding of the material.

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Student Dashboard
See how you compare to thousands of other students using percentile ranking.  Compare your performance by category, question type, and even time management!

Movie: Using the Student Dashboard

My Review 
My Review calculates the topics you need to study based on your performance and the relevance of the topic to the exam.  It is the fastest, statistically-based method to increase your board score.  It recalculates every time you answer a question so that it's recommendations always match your current level of knowledge.  The whole point is to allow statistical analysis keep you on track and prevent you from wasting time studying material you already know or studying material that is not relevant.

Movie:  Using My Review

Cloud-Based Access
Access the full program from any computer or tablet.
Use your smartphone to access your study plans, the Prodigy Library, over 4500 flashcards, and even play trivia for prizes!


A 48-month license for ProdigyConnect is $449.99, but over 80 schools currently use ProdigyConnect and more than half of them have standing discounts for 30% off the regular price.  Click HERE to see out if your school is one of them.  If not, you can still save with our Group Discount program.


*some schools limit the use of textbook and chapter exams 

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