Prodigy Anesthesia

ProdigyConnect for CRNAs

ProdigyConnect offers a world of education and experience for CRNAs.  You can earn CEUs, review topics in the Prodigy Library, play anesthesia games on your phone, and even take practice exams to stay sharp for whatever the NBCRNA has in store for us in the future!

The MasterClass module within ProdigyConnect currently offers 40 Class A CEUs (8 are Pharmacology credits) that are available from any phone, tablet, or computer, another round has already been submitted to the AANA for approval and the next round is already in development.  Over the next four years, we will release new CE modules about every 3 months or so until we reach 100 CEUs.  Of course, those will be added to your account at no extra cost.

All of our CEUs are OPEN BOOK, which eliminates the stress of the exam entirely.  If you can't remember the answer to a question, just click the little Review button beside it and the study resource with the information you need to answer the question will pop up.

We upload CEUs to the AANA every day, so if you enter your AANA # in your user settings, we will process those for you automatically.  You also have the option of printing your own CE certificates.

A ProdigyConnect subscription is for 48 months to match the duration of the NBCRNA recertification cycle.

Because we are CRNAs also, we are dedicated to making the recertification process as convenient as possible for all of us!